Governance, Risk & Compliance

Our governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solutions are designed to let GRC departments such as Risk Management, Internal Control, Compliance, and Internal Audit operate efficiently and effectively – and respond quickly to changing business needs. The GRC practices used in our solutions will give your top management the critical information it needs to strike the right balance between cost optimization, risk management, and capacity for innovation.

At MEGA, we develop the tools you need to effectively manage your operational and IT risks using the three lines of defense model: internal controls, risk management and compliance, and internal audit. Backed by our expertise, you will be poised to quickly adapt to today’s fast-changing business environment.

Our solutions draw on more than 20 years of experience helping businesses boost operational efficiency and performance by identifying, monitoring, and managing their most important risks, internal controls, and regulatory compliance issues.

In addition to mapping your risks and internal controls, our holistic approach will show you how key elements of your organization interact and give you a clear, shared vision of your assets and how they work together. This will let you make better-informed decisions, ensure that the right systems are in place, and pool stakeholders’ efforts so they are all working towards executing your strategy. It will also let you leverage synergies among different departments.

Our governance, risk, and compliance solutions incorporate the recommendations and best practices set forth in international standards issued by industry organizations, such as the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) and the Open Compliance and Ethics Group (OCEG).

Learn more about our five governance, risk, and compliance solutions and how they can improve your whole risk management approach.

Our enterprise risk management solution facilitates risk mapping, assessment, and control, enabling your organization to:

  • Improve the quality and effectiveness of risk management processes
  • Assess risk in collaboration with business users
  • Automate the consolidation and communication of your organization’s exposure to risk

Our operational risk management solution helps you collect incident data, assess risk, and follow up on action items to:

  • Ensure your organization’s compliance with Basel III and Solvency II
  • Improve the quality and effectiveness of your operational risk management processes
  • Automate the consolidation and communication of your organization’s exposure to risk

Our internal control management solution gives you the tools you need to identify, implement, and assess your internal control system to:

  • Reduce your organization’s exposure to risk
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Measure and improve business process performance

Our regulatory compliance management solution allows you to identify, implement, and monitor your organization’s regulatory compliance to:

  • Support your organization’s regulatory governance system
  • Promote and strengthen a risk-based corporate culture
  • Reduce compliance-related costs

Our internal audit management solution helps you plan, execute, and track internal audits to:

  • Support your organization’s governance and risk management policies
  • Improve the quality and effectiveness of your internal audit process
  • Increase your internal audit department’s execution and monitoring capacity

Our IT risk management solution helps define the right IT governance model and implement the appropriate control structure to support business objectives, enabling your organization to:

  • Reduce overall IT risk exposure
  • Ensure IT compliance
  • Remediate and report on all risk levels – of any scope, at any time