Education Program

MEGA Education ProgramUnder our MEGA Education Program, we offer faculty a student version of our modeling software to use in their courses.

This version is designed specifically to support teaching and faculty research in a wide range of topics:

  • Business process optimization
  • IT rationalization
  • IT and business strategy alignment
  • IT system planning
  • System design
  • IT system transformation projects

By taking part in our Education Program, you receive:

  • An unlimited number of student licenses
  • 8 of MEGA’s most powerful tools (see details below)
  • Complete access to the user guides
  • Access to MEGA Support and the MEGA Community

Content of MEGA Education Package:

The MEGA Education Package is based on the latest release of our software platform: HOPEX V1R3 released in July 2015. It includes the following tools and products:

  • MEGA Architecture on HOPEX: powerful tool for analyzing the impacts of change, thereby enabling you to build reference maps to describe, analyze, and manage your IT systems, applications and infrastructure
  • MEGA Process BPMN on HOPEX: describe, analyze, optimize, and communicate business processes across your organization
  • MEGA TOGAF 9 on HOPEX: provides enterprise architects with tools and guidance for managing high-impact transformation initiatives
  • MEGA UML on HOPEX: UML 2.3-compliant, stand-alone module developed for UML design and to support UML 2 diagrams and concepts
  • MEGA Database Builder on HOPEX: provides basic and advanced data modeling, and manages a database that describes a system’s layout in the form of data stored in a structured way
  • HOPEX Information Architecture: helps you assess, monitor, and manage information and knowledge as an enterprise asset
  • HOPEX IT Portfolio Management: allows IT departments to take an inventory of their IT assets and develop transformation plans through a comprehensive assessment of the assets.
  • MEGA System Blueprint on HOPEX: helps system architects generate application specifications by describing application behavior in your enterprise IT architecture

If you are a university professor and would like to order a student version of our software, please send your request following this link: Request your MEGA Education License.

Note: Student versions of our software may be used for teaching and academic research purposes only. They may not be used for commercial purposes.