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MEGA Consulting Services

MEGA International has over 20 years of experience in helping clients better understand their business. We bring together a unique set of skills in enterprise architecture (EA) and governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) that provide the foundation for successful enterprise governance. Through the utilization of these skills, customers can achieve operational excellence and implement successful organizational transformation and optimization initiatives.

Our 130+ consultants understand the key performance drivers of tomorrow’s organizations and the challenges they will face. This means they can offer practical, yet innovative solutions. They are also involved in industry standards-setting organizations and international working groups, letting you benefit from the latest industry knowledge and best practices.

Consulting for business departments

  • Implementing a process-based management system
  • Setting up internal control, risk management, and internal auditing systems
  • Streamlining business processes and sharing best practices

Consulting for IT departments

  • Implementing an enterprise architecture
  • Setting up an application portfolio management system
  • Implementing an information architecture program
  • Developing an IT strategic planning approach
  • Designing IT system blueprints

Consulting for system engineering departments

  • Developing architecture frameworks using a system- and capacity-based approach
  • Implementing a Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE) approach
  • Adopting enterprise architecture frameworks: The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF), NATO Architecture Framework (NAF), UK Ministry of Defence Architecture Framework (MODAF), and US Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF)

Our consultants’ approach incorporates MEGA’s powerful software, whose value has been recognized by industry analysts around the world. This ensures that our approach is based on established business practices. All of our solutions are powered by HOPEX, our signature platform, with a central enterprise repository capable of generating high-level analytical reports and dashboards.

Ludovic Relandeau, Vice President of Operations, MEGA France Operations

“The cornerstone of sustainable governance is setting up a continuous improvement policy that employees contribute to. That’s what we aim to do for our customers by drawing on best practices and our consultants’ know-how for internal controls, risk management, and process-based management.”

Ludovic Relandeau, Vice President, France and French-speaking Operations