ICM Symposium - Application Portfolio Management

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 | Shrivenham, United Kingdom

MEGA and AWE will speak at the ICM Symposium 2013 in the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom September 11, 2013.

Are your applications working for or against you?

Organisations have made use of software applications to address specific business needs for many years, the theory being that they can support the business and provide value. While this can be true, if a portfolio of applications is not managed appropriately there will be a negative effect on any value to the organisation.

Often applications have been purchased or developed by various parts of the business without any policy or governance, resulting in a complex portfolio of applications that can number in the 1000s, many of which have similar functionality to those in other parts of the organisation or perhaps no longer align with the needs of the business.

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Defence Academy of the United Kingdom
Swindon, SN68LA