About Us

Our vision

Today’s business environment and markets are shifting rapidly. Decisions must be made faster than ever, and under increasing pressure. To survive – and thrive – companies must transform their businesses and constantly adapt to the changes impacting them.

To be successful, you need the business insight to govern all your operations in a sustainable manner and strike the right balance between capacity for innovation, cost optimization, and risk management.

At MEGA we feel that the key to successfully managing enterprise complexity is having an interactive view of your business operations. That gives you the visibility and information you need to make effective decisions, navigate through rapid change, and ensure that strategies are understood and executed properly.

Our mission

We help companies manage enterprise complexity. We offer a complete range of enterprise governance software solutions and consulting services that will help you transform your business and address challenges in the following areas: digital transformation, strategy execution, IT strategy delivery, and corporate governance.

Our solutions

By bringing together industry-leading practices in enterprise architecture, IT portfolio management, and governance, risk, and compliance into one offering, we can give you a single, integrated, and dynamic view of all your business components. We can help you optimize and transform your operations, ensuring that they are continuously managed in a way consistent with your organization’s strategy and objectives.

Thanks to our approach and signature HOPEX platform, you will get the business visibility and tools to successfully navigate change and improve decision-making. You will better exploit synergies and pool efforts among your departments, provide staff with a clear, common vision of all the key elements of your organization, and make sure that everyone is working towards the same goals.

Our solutions will give you a global vision and better understanding of your organization’s strategy, goals, processes, risks, information systems, and deployed IT assets, making it easy to identify opportunities for improving operational efficiency and cutting costs.
We will work with you to design and implement an agile information system, streamlined business processes, and an optimized operating framework that are aligned with your business strategy.

Our consultants have over 20 years of experience in business process optimization, risk management, IT transformation, and change management – creating an unparalleled pool of skills, knowledge, and methodology expertise that they draw on to improve your company’s operations.

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Our locations

We have built up a global presence with offices and distributors around the world. No matter where your company operates, you will find a MEGA partner nearby to support your business development.

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Our customers

Happy customers are the best testimony to our success. At MEGA, we are proud to have earned a loyal customer base spanning over 40 countries. Today our solutions are used by more than 75,000 people worldwide, and we carry out more than 200 consulting projects each year.

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Our kudos

Thanks to our unrelenting investment in R&D, our solutions are continuously at the forefront of the latest technology to respond to changing customer needs and new market developments. Our unwavering efforts have been recognized internationally by industry analysts like Gartner, Inc. and Forrester Research – proof of the unique added value we bring to the table.

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