Leading software solutions for operational governance

Preparing for and managing organizational change

At MEGA, we help business design and implement an agile information system, streamlined business processes, and optimized operating framework that are aligned with their business strategy, so that they can stay ahead in today’s fast-changing business environment and boost their capacity for innovation. 

Learn how MEGA solutions can help your organization meet these challenges:

MEGA’s business architecture solution lets you describe, understand, and optimize your organizational structure, business processes, and assets, enabling you to:

  • Align business operations with your overall strategy
  • Track strategy implementation through capabilities
  • Effectively govern organizational transformation

MEGA’s application architecture solution lets you describe, structure, and optimize your information system architecture, enabling your organization to:

  • Obtain a comprehensive overview of your IT assets
  • Set up effective information system governance
  • Develop the target information system architecture and plan the necessary transformation

MEGA’s application portfolio management solution helps you inventory, assess, and transform the applications that make up your information system, allowing you to:

  • Simplify and lower the cost of your application portfolio
  • Better manage risks and ensure information system compliance
  • Tailor your application portfolio to your business challenges